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Stanleys Community Centre is a registered charity set up by local people to meet the needs of its community. We provide a variety of sessions and opportunities for our community and members

Working alongside a wide range of volunteers Stanleys use an asset-based approach to develop sessions in which community members are able to achieve the 5 ways to wellbeing.

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When it comes to wellbeing, other people matter. Evidence shows that good relationships with family friends and the wider community are important for mental wellbeing. Building stronger, broader social connections can increase you feelings of happiness and self-worth.


Learning new skills can be useful but it can also positively affect our mental wellbeing. It doesn't have to mean getting more qualifications. There are many ways to bring learning into your life.


Being active is great for your physical health and fitness but evidence shows it is also good for your mental wellbeing.


It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing.


Most people agree that giving to others is good in itself, but this can also improve your own mental wellbeing.


We provide the following:


During these uncertain times, our services are limited. We are preparing to open as soon as we can. Our community’s health is of utmost importance to us. We want to ensure we don’t rush things.

This doesn’t mean we can’t still support you, so for any community enquiries please contact us on 01524 410076 or 07775 874 413.

Our services are restricted until the 17th May, we will be adding our timetables to the website, so watch this space for updates!!

Our youth services are limited but for youth work enquiries please contact us on 07824667163.

We are currently offering:

Food club every Tuesday 2-6 pm £4

FREE covid tests every Monday 9.30-12

Volunteering Opportunities

Our Volunteers are busy behind the scenes helping us to get ready to open our doors If you are in need of support or interested in finding out how you can help or want more information on becoming part of our volunteer team don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please keep up to date with what we are doing on Facebook: Stanleys Community Centre Morecambe or Youth at Stanleys Community Centre. You can also email us at stanleyscommunitycentre@gmail.com

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