Charity number 1183140
Stanleys Community Centre Equal Opportunities Policy
1. Statement and purpose of policy
1.1. Stanleys Community Centre is committed to equal opportunities for all staff and
1.2. It is our policy that all employment and volunteer decisions are based on merit and
the legitimate business needs of the organisation. Stanleys does not discriminate
on the basis of race, colour or nationality, ethnic or national origins, sex, gender
reassignment, sexual orientation, marital, or civil partner status, disability, religion
or belief, age or any other ground on which it is or becomes unlawful to
discriminate under the laws of England and Wales.
1.3 Our intention is to enable all our staff and volunteers to work in an environment
which allows them to fulfil their potential without fear of discrimination or harassment.
Our commitment to equal opportunities extends to all aspects of the working relationship
 Recruitment and volunteer selection procedures
 Terms of employment or volunteering including pay and benefits
 Training career development and promotion
 Work practices, conduct issues, allocation of tasks, discipline and grievances
 Work- related social events; and
 termination of employment or volunteering and matters after termination,
including references.

1.4 This policy is intended to help the Employer achieve its diversity and anti-discrimination
aims by clarifying the responsibilities and duties of all staff in respect of equal opportunities
and discrimination.
1.5 The principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities also apply to the way in
which staff/volunteers treat visitors’ clients, customers, suppliers or other organisations using
space/facilities within Stanleys and former associates/staff.
1.6 This is a statement of policy only and does not form part of any contract of employment
or volunteer agreement. This policy may be amended at any time by Stanleys in absolute

2. Who is responsible for Equal Opportunities
2.1 Achieving an equal opportunities workplace is a collective task shared between Stanleys
and all its staff /volunteers. This policy and the rules contained in it therefore apply to all
staff/volunteers irrespective of seniority, tenure and working hours, including trustees staff
volunteers’ consultants, contractors casual or partnership organisations using space within
2.2 it is everyone’s personal responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy and to treat
colleagues with dignity at all times and to not discriminate against or harass other members
of staff, visitors, clients or other organisations.

Policy created MARCH 2021
Policy reviewed APRIL 2023 Next Policy Review March 2024