Health & Wellbeing

Stanleys Community Centre

Beginners Meditation Classes-Wednesday 11am-12pm

We’re so happy to be working with our good friends at Stanley’s Community Centre once again to offer Beginners Meditation classes every Wednesday 11am-12pm.

Julie had some beautiful feedback today after the session with comments such as:

‘I really enjoyed the peace’. ‘It was nice to sit with other people and give myself that level of self-care.’

‘I liked the sound of the bowls and found them very calming. They helped settle my mind’.

So, if you’re looking for some peace in your week, come on a Wednesday morning to Stanley’s. These sessions are informal and friendly and you’d be made to feel very welcome. There’s a Brew and chat session afterwards which you can stay on for as well, and a craft session and lots of other amazing goodness at Stanley’s. Send us a message if you’d like to make contact before you come. We’re here for you